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SAAS INSURANCE LLC helps insurers solve complex business problems such as Digital Adoption, Customer Experience Management, Speed-to-Market, Underwriting Profitability, Operational Efficiency, Distribution Effectiveness and Claims Optimization. Our domain expertise spans across the insurance value chain, including intermediaries, carriers, reinsurers, regulators and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Our IT services and solutions for the insurance industry will help you achieve profitable underwriting, while provisioning superior customer experiences.

SAAS INSURANCE is partnering with the right size companies to innovate/speeden the Claims processing. For that matter, Robotic Process Automation, or as its more popularly called RPA, can transform the entire Claims Processing value chain by using automation to reduce the time and cost involved in investigating and processing a claim, and also improves data accuracy. That's because RPA brings to the table intelligent automation, which means that bots (software robots) can mimic human action on transactional, rule-based, repetitive and cumbersome tasks, except those that require complex, cognitive decision making. RPA tools can interact with any thick client claim application, web application, user portal, CRM, service or cloud etc., making interaction easier and similar to human communication. RPA automates legacy Claims Processing systems making them more efficient and streamlined, thus reducing customer churn and taking care of repetitive tasks that impact operational efficiency.